Bioenergetic testing was discovered in the 1940s by a German doctor, Reinhold Voll  (1906 – 1989). He discovered this when he was attempting to see if he could have the same affect to the body’s meridians (Chinese Meridian System) by using electricity instead of using needles like what is utilized in acupuncture. During this discovery he developed a machine but found that its results were only temporary.

He began working with various Naturopathic Doctors and herbalists to see if herbs or homeopathic remedies would help hold the results longer.

Dr. Voll was speaking at a seminar and asked to test a doctor and the scan revealed that he had weakness in his prostate. When it was time to break for lunch, the doctor purchased some echinacea (known to support prostate) and placed it in his pocket. After they returned from lunch the doctor was scanned again. This time, the prostate showed no weakness.  Dr. Voll asked the doctor what he did while at lunch. The doctor told Dr. Voll he bought some echinacea, which he had kept in his pocket. Dr. Voll then asked him to take it out of the pocket away from them. Then Dr. Voll retested him. To their surprise, once the echinacea was removed his prostate tested weak again.

All of his research led him to conclude that a controlled, micro-electrical current can provide innate biofeedback from organs and body systems. Voll went on to theorize that energy readings that were higher than normal indicated an acute inflammatory condition and lower readings signified degenerative tissue damage. Research today, in fact, confirms that chronic, unresolved inflammation does in fact lead to tissue and organ degeneration. BioEnergetic Meridian Stress Analysis provides information into an expansive range of health-related problems, offering a perspective that allows information into root causes.

The Qest4 is the most advanced, flexible, non-invasive, painless, and user-friendly bio-meridian stress analysis system available today. The human body is made up of energy and energy can be measured. There are patterns of energy running throughout your body’s cells, tissues, glands, and organs that assist your cells to communicate and adjust to the many stressors you encounter each day. These energetic pathways within the human body are known as meridians. These energetic pathways are measured against tens of thousands of energetic signatures (frequencies, vibrations), to identify levels of stress and weaknesses to the individuals organs and body systems. The information provided via bioenergetic testing is an insightful and educational tool that also provides information to resonating toxins and identifying natural solutions for supporting the body in obtaining homeostasis. A report is generated on the computer of any responses that are outside specific limits. Your body/DNA is tested against the following energetic signatures:

  • Antibody Signatures
  • Cell Permeability Signatures
  • Chromosomal & Genome Signatures
  • Circulatory Pattern Signatures
  • Cranial Suture Signatures
  • Dental Signatures
  • Electrolyte Signatures
  • Fatty Tissue Signatures
  • Hormone Signatures
  • Musculoskeletal Signatures
  • Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Signatures
  • Sarcode Signature Library 
  • Thyroid Signatures
  • Vertebral Signatures
  • Non-vertebral Signatures

  • Dietary Approaches & Genotype Diets
  • Drainage Block Signatures
  • Exercise Profile – Type, Intensity, Duration
  • Food Additive Signatures
  • Food Signatures – Individual foods
  • Food Signatures – Major groups
  • Enzymes Signatures
  • G.I. Panel Signatures
  • Metabolic Disturbances Signatures
  • Metabolic Typing Signatures
  • Nutritional Assessment Signatures
  • Phenolic Sensitivity Signatures
  • Trace Mineral Signatures

  • Bacterial Signatures
  • Chemical Signatures
  • Fungal Signatures
  • Heavy Metal Signatures
  • Mycoplasma/Mollicutes Signatures
  • Mycotoxin Signatures
  • Parasite Signatures
  • Prion Signatures
  • Protozoa Signatures
  • Virus Signatures
  • Weaponized Pathogens

  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Carsinosin Nosode Analysis for Degenerative Disturbance
  • Cell Salt Imbalance
  • Constitutional Resonance
  • Homeopathic Similium – over 1000 signatures
  • Homotoxicology Evaluation
  • Miasms
  • Nosodes

  • Acupuncture Meridians and Points
  • Auricular Points
  • Chakra Imbalance
  • Five Elements
  • Major Meridian Disturbances
  • Reflexology Evaluation

  • Mental or Emotional Stress – tested via Flower remedies
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – social and environmental influences, affirmations and scripts
  • Symptom-Emotion Correlation
  • Neurotransmitter Signatures
  • Psychosomatic Energies

  • Color Filters
  • Crystal Signatures
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Matter / Energy Disruptions
  • Polarity Disturbance
  • Radiation Signatures
  • Rife Frequencies
  • Solfeggio Frequencies

  • Vitamin supplements
  • Mineral supplements
  • Herbal blends
  • Homeopathic Complexes
  • Essential oil products
  • Chinese medicines

The scanned results provide highly accurate information that assist in determining the energetic root causes of poor health, information to aid in identifying which sources of supplementation your body needs to support energetic balance, based off the innate intelligence of your body.

Bioenergetic testing is not diagnostic, but let us be clear about definitions here. ‘Diagnosis’ is derived from a Greek word meaning to ‘discern or distinguish’. In the modern medical context, this means to take a set of symptoms presented by a patient and state that they fit better into the category for disease A, disease B or perhaps disease C. In this way the medical practitioner can choose appropriate treatment, and it is important that he/she gets it right because the treatment for disease A might have quite negative consequences for a disease B patient, especially if it is surgical.

QEST4 testing does indeed ‘discern’ only in that it records a completely individual set of responses to signals. This may assist a holistic practitioner in the approach that is characteristic of such disciplines: “treating the patient, not the disease”.  Information obtained may support you in the process of better understanding the body as a whole as it relates to energy flow.

***It is not intended to replace with other types of western medicine testing. Bioenergetic testing is intended to provide educational information to address energetic imbalances in an individual’s energetic field. It is in no way intended to diagnose, cure, or treat.

When any of the above packages are purchased, you will receive three different reports; Baseline Summary, Comprehensive Analysis, and Info Report.

Baseline Summary~ This report will identify any organs and body systems that are energetically imbalanced at the time of testing and if they are currently functioning in a stressed state or if they are in a weakened state and needing the assistance of other organs and body systems. This is provided in written format.

Comprehensive Analysis~ This report provides an overall view of the dysfunctional energetic patterns, showing if the body responded by giving an above or below average electrical resistance response to specific items. These are considered causal issues that are the main contributors to the specific organs and body systems that were identified in the Baseline Summary Report. Information provided in this scan allows Dr. Kalina to then create a protocol individual to you with specific nutraceuticals that resonate with your body and that will support bringing homeostasis (balanced energy) to the body. You will receive this report in both written format and audio.

Info Report~This report provides us with more information regarding items that are energetically imbalanced but that are secondary and tertiary contributors to one’s imbalances within their body. They are not the main causes but are contributors. Information gathered from this report is also used in creating the individual protocol. This is provided in written format.

From these scans an individualized protocol is created and is specifically unique to the individual. No two protocols are ever the same. The length of the protocol, supplements chosen, suggested diet, and alternative modalities are all based off of the unique and exact information provided via the energetic patterns from your body. The physics of this is exact to your body’s energetic needs.

***All client reports are uploaded to their Healthie account.

When purchasing the WholyBio, WholyBio 3x, or WholyBio6x your package includes two individualized tinctures.

These tinctures are homeopathic bases that hold the energetic patterns from your comprehensive and info scans. Think of this like when a photo or file is airdropped from one phone to another or data transferred from a USB, it is all digitally transferred via energetic patterns/frequencies. Each item that is noted in your Comprehensive Analysis an Info Report each hold their own specific energetic pattern/vibration/frequency. Those exact items are digitally transferred into a homeopathic base. They are calibrated to your specific energetic needs.

***Note, the individualized tinctures are not included in the Wholy Essentials package and are a separate charge. If you have additional add on scans, energetic tinctures for those specific scans are additional charges. Additionally, those who do not wish to take energetic drops and want more convenience can purchase handheld lasers that are utilized to transfer the individuals specific energetic signatures. One laser is needed for each scan. Ask Dr. Kalina for more information regarding energetic laser therapy.

Bioenergetic testing performed by Kalina Raboin, BCDNM, RN, CSMA is done in office with client present to hold the copper handles of the Qest4 device or can be done remotely by non local clients. Remote testing is done via DNA samples (hair and nails) that are placed on the testing plate of the Qest4. Wether a client is present in person or their DNA is utilized, it will illicit the same energetic information, as your DNA holds all of your innate intelligence and vibrational patterns. Physics is incredible.

Once you purchase a Bioenergetic Package you will immediately receive an email with detailed instructions.

If you are a local client wanting in person testing then you will be contacted by Dr. Kalina and your scanning appointment will be scheduled as well as your consult appointment to review scans, protocols, and any health concerns and questions you might have.

If you are a remote client, you will receive instructions on how to collect your DNA samples, proper labeling, and where to mail the samples. Once samples are received Dr. Kalina will contact you and inform you she has received the samples and will schedule your consult appointment at that time.

Within your email with detailed instructions you will be invited to create your account with the Healthie App platform that Dr. Kalina uses for client text communications. This app is a courtesy for clients to use to journal their wellness journey, participate in programs, and communicate questions regarding your protocol to Dr. Kalina.

***Once scans have been done, expect your consult appointment to be anywhere from 2-7 business days from date of scanning.

Yes. Since this form of testing is only evaluating the energetic/information level of the body and not the physical/chemical level, colored hair will not affect the scan results.

Bioenergetic scans can be done on any age as long as samples can be obtained.

Dr. Kalina provides these services worldwide. If out of the country (USA), there are some supplements that cannot be shipped internationally but we can make recommendations for you to purchase in your home country. Out of country (USA), we recommend utilizing the energetic lasers, as this avoids issues with customs. Many government customs agencies will not import the homeopathic tinctures.

Protocols are individual and based off of all information from your bioenergetic scans and can be anywhere from 3-8 weeks.

Bioenergetic scans take the guess work out of what is stressing your body. It provides information to direct the steps taken in your wellness journey, allowing your body and the information is holds to dictate what you need to address first to find the wellness that runs deep within you. It is also very specific in identifying the exact combination of herbal, and homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements needed to support your body.

Each individual is different. And each time you are scanned you are peeling back layers of the onion of your health journey to get to the deepest rooted issues. Each time you are scanned your body identifies exactly what it needs support with in that moment. To keep costs down for clients, once you have purchased the WholyBio, you can purchase larger packages for cost savings that includes 3 (WholyBio 3x) or 6 (WholyBio 6X) different scanning sessions and consults to review scans. For those who have gone through the process of scanning and consult at least once can then move to the Wholy Essentials package where the scans are performed, reports populated and uploaded to client’s Healthie account, and individualized protocol created, but no consult included in that package.

Bioenergetic testing is not a diagnostic test but rather is a holistic modality used to identify energetic frequencies that are then analyzed. Any and all information is for educational purposes only and used only in aiding you to support your body naturally. This, and any other services provided by Dr. Kalina are not be confused with or replace any type of western medical testing or treatments performed or provided by your medical doctor.

Up to date energetic data is utilized when performing your bioenergetic scans along with intricately created testing databases to obtain data that gives you the most insight to your body’s energetic disturbances and why the imbalances are occurring. The machine used is not forming a specific criterion of products but is instead housed with a database of thousands of different nutraceuticals to find the ones that energetically best fit your body’s needs. Protocols are created specific to you and your individual needs and Dr. Kalina spends hours analyzing scans and creating protocols with items that are going to provide you the most support for the imbalances that are noted in your scans.

Not only does Wholy Well offer the standard full body scan but also an exhaustive list of scans that energetically assess specific body systems like heart, brain, hormones, heavy metals, advanced pathogens and toxins, weight loss, etc.

WholyWell offers customized frequency based tinctures that contain the specific energetic information needed to support energetic body balance for the client, rather than suggesting a broad homeopathic remedy that is not exact and specific to the energetic field of the client.

Don’t want to take tinctures? WholyWell also offers laser photon therapy.    The exact energetic frequencies for the individual are loaded into a laser.  Have an area of the body that is problematic, try localized laser photon therapy.

The bioenergetic testing utilized by WholyWell is not simply auto populated testing by the Qest4 manufacture but has been further enhanced with additional scanning features and tests created by Dr. Kalina Raboin to provide more insight to your wellness journey.

The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath provides a thorough and effective way to cleanse and purify the body of toxins that are direct contributors to our overall health. These toxicities can affect your metbolism, neurological processes, endocrine, immune, and digestive systems. How does this work? A current is introduced to the water in the foot bath where the water, H2O, splits in to H+ and OH- ions. The split of these ions act as magnets drawing out oppositely charged toxins from the body. The frequencies create an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the power of these ions.

There is an ongoing detoxification process going on for 3-5 days after the foot bath so it is important to stay hydrated during this time. The Ion Cleanse provides a relaxing and detoxifying experience that will leave you feeling more calm, sleeping better, decreases brain fog, and so much more. There are no harmful side-effects, and the process is painless, non-invasive, and completely safe. The main detox benefit happens after the cleanse through your body’s normal detox pathways.

Toxins and unwanted pathogens interfere with every system of the body. Detoxification with the IonCleanse paves a clearer path to success by helping the body’s normal systems and processes function without these impediments.

The water color change is a fascinating process. It is estimated that about 70% of what you will see in the tub comes from the user. The other 30%- the color change that will occur with or without the feet or hands- is most likely neutralized material from the water source or plate residue.